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Cornwall wide

Cornwall wide

Learning to live well with pain

Our next online Pain Café event : Thursday, 25 July 2024 at 12:00

Get support at the Cornwall wide Pain Cafe

But wait… what's a Pain Café?

The Cornwall wide Pain Café is a local peer support group for people with pain. The aim is to create a space (sometimes in-person, sometimes online) for you to meet, learn and share tips and experiences.

You are not alone.

Your Pain Cafe Host Barista

Kevin Feaviour

Kevin Feaviour

Kevin Feaviour loves talking with people and learning through conversation. I feel that we all have something to offer and we can all contribute to our and others well being. We all have a part to play. Shared experince is so valuable to understanding and through building trust we can develop our knoweldege skills and confidence to be more in control of our lives amongst others. I also like fun ways of doing things and enjoying activities that we do

Pain cafes

We all know cafes are informal spaces where people can pop in, get some sustenance and chat with people around them. Pain cafes are the same with a focus on talking about our experience of pain and how we manage it. It is a chance to talk to about pain and lots of other things – we are not defined by our pain. We can share ideas, develop new tools to help other people understand our experience and just chat about everyday life.  Cafes are supported by;

Baristas – people who have training and knowledge about pain (like making coffee).

Menus - of activities and strategies to whet your appetite.

Come and go atmosphere

Intelligent and understanding conversations with some banter and fun thrown in.

The Cornwall wide Café will meet every 4 weeks to offer everyone across Cornwall the chance to meet, share and develop skills and methods of managing pain, sharing experiences and help other people understand what it can feel like.

We can improve experience education and environments to help us all and those around us.

Last Thursday of every month, 12-13:30

We can all change the way we think (and therefore feel) things. We can literally change our brain no matter what age. Try this exercise. Look at the diagram below. Read the words first e.g.yellow, blue, orange, black, red etc. Quite quick and easy I imagine. Now try reading the colours of the words e.g green, red, blue, yellow, blue etc. I guess it took longer and your stumbled across some words as your brain wanted to read the words rather than the colours. Through practice you can learn to read to colours of the words as quickly as reading the words himself.

Stroop effect

Tips Jar

Who's invited?
Anyone living with pain in the area. The baristas have been trained in the 10 Footsteps and will decide who to invite. These groups should grow organically by word-of-mouth.
How often do you meet?
We aim to meet at least every couple of months but don't forget there is the Cornwall-wide café too.
Is its free?
Yes! You might want to buy some coffee and a cake though.
My local café has no events
If nothing is available we run an online county-wide café which everyone is welcome to join.
Stronger Together | Group standing enjoying the view
Stronger Together Stronger Together

Join US At our next Cornwall wide online Pain Café session

Our next Pain Café Event

Thursday, 25 July 2024 at 12:00