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The CPIC team consists of expert patients and clinicians working on the ground with those experiencing chronic pain...

  • Dr Jim Huddy FRCGP | Clinical lead

    Dr Jim Huddy FRCGP

    Clinical lead

    Five years ago I started working with Dr Keith Mitchell (consultant in pain medicine Royal Cornwall Hospital) writing advice and guidance for Cornwall’s GPs informing them of the dangers of opioid medicines and on the back of that work Cornwall’s high prescribing has dropped down to national-average levels.

    More recently we have changed direction towards raising awareness and availability of the alternatives to pills for the management of long term pain and we have been lucky enough to be working with national experts in this field. We have been awarded funding by various organisations and over the next few years we hope to have those alternatives to medications available near you.

    Please may I make one thing clear – we are not saying that zero medications is best for all - sometimes pills do make a great difference to peoples’ lives. But what people do need to know is that pills are not the only strategy and that high doses often cause more harm than good.

  • Sean Jennings | Expert patient

    Sean Jennings

    Expert patient

    I’m 62 years old from Cornwall, and a former mechanical engineer. When I was 32 I had what I thought was a routine hernia operation. Unfortunately from that day I have suffered chronic pain and prescribed ever Increasing opioids, gabapentin and antidepressants, for the next 25 years. I am now 5 years medication free thanks to distraction and mindfulness techniques along with exercise/movement to manage my pain. I have used the last 5years to tell my story to clinicians and patients advocating SKILLS NOT PILLS.

    Resident fellow at the Institute of Social Prescribing.

    Personalised Care Ambassador.

    Quality Improvement Partners panel member. Southwest Academic Health Science Network.

    College of Medicine and Integrated Care member.

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  • Nikki Kelly | Director Imagine IF

    Nikki Kelly

    Director Imagine IF

    Nikki is a Director and experienced practitioner working within the public, private and voluntary sector for over 25 years developing citizen engagement and participation, pioneering a wide range of programmes both within rural and inner city communities.

  • Deborah O'Nyons | Clinical Lead For Personalised Care and Health Coaching

    Deborah O'Nyons

    Clinical Lead For Personalised Care and Health Coaching

    Deborah O'Nyons Clinical Lead For Personalised Care and Health Coaching CIOSICB/Director Awenek Coaching & Consultancy.   Deborah is an experienced clinician who has worked across public, charitable and private sectors,  specialising in inclusion, collaboration and personalised, holistic care.