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Chronic pain in Cornwall

We comprise of an expert patient with lived experience Sean Jennings, a GP Dr Jim Huddy, Debbie O’Nyons lead for personalised care in Cornwall, Nikki Kelly and Kevin Feaviour directors of ImagineIF community connect and Dr Keith Mitchell pain consultant at Royal Cornwall Hospital.

After spending a few years educating GPs about the dangers of high dose opioid prescribing the CPIC team are now working to raise awareness and availability of non-medical strategies for people with pain.

Right now we are training two or three champions from each of Cornwall’s primary care networks in Dr Frances Cole’s “10 footsteps to living well with pain” which you can access on our home page. Frances is a retired GP who is nationally and internationally renowned for her work in the self management of pain. We are very grateful to her for her experience and generosity.

We are also thankful to the funding from the Queens Nursing Institute, Exeter University and NHS Cornwall without whom this could not happen. This has allowed us to create fantastic digital support to our work with Tango3 Ltd.

We hope for a future in Cornwall where people with pain can easily access support groups near to them and feel less alone and have more fun and activity in their lives.

November 2022